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Water Testing & Treatment For Real Estate Transactions

Do you have an upcoming real estate transaction? Plan ahead!

Water testing and treatment is important for any real estate transaction and is typically required by the lender for any home on a private well (not on municipal water). At Sterling, we provide a variety of testing and treatment services for homes on both private wells and municipal water.

As your water treatment specialist, our goal is to help your real estate transaction go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Most water issues are solvable and can be treated, but no water should be considered safe before proper testing and treatment!

Common Contaminants Include:

  • Total Coliform & E coli Bacteria

  • Nitrates & Nitrites

  • Metals (like lead, copper & iron)

  • Pesticides & VOCs

  • Sediment & TSS

  • Radon

It is important that your water samples are taken by a certified agency in order to provide proper documentation for your real estate transaction.

We offer a free basic water test, which includes pH (acidity), hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and iron. Results of this test are available on-site. For full detail on our water testing options, please contact us! 

We provide testing for several transactions:

  • FHA loan Series Test

  • HUD loans Test

  • VA loan Series Test

  • Unit Occupancy Permit Testing

  • Mortgage Refinancing Testing

Services for Real Estate Properties:

  • Well Cap inspection & Replacement
  • Well Chlorination & follow up testing
  • Treatment for Lead & follow up testing
  • Treatment for Nitrates & follow up testing
  • Treatment for Bacteria with a UV light & follow up testing
  • Basic Pressure Tank Inspections & repairs
  • Existing Treatment Equipment Inspection, Testing, & Service

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