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What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking units are designed to force pressurized water through a microscopic membrane which rejects up to 98% of dissolved solids. Home units are compact and fit almost anywhere. These systems are for point-of-use operation with a separate faucet at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking.

RO units were designed for filtering salt water on navy ships for their drinking water. The RO filtering method is even used by the medical field for dialysis patient treatment. Today’s filtering membranes remove:sodium, copper, lead, scale producing minerals, sediments, certain pesticides and fungicides, nitrates, certain volatile organic contaminates (gasoline and petroleum), radium, chlorine, unpleasant odors, while also improving tastes.

Store bought tap water filters are limited to one filter media. Sterling’s RO system offers 5 filtering medias instead of just one. These systems also have a continuous supply available to be drawn. Systems are installed at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking needs.
Our systems are rated at up to 70 gallons a day under ideal conditions. As RO water is made, it is stored within a 3 gallon holding tank and ready for use. As the water is drawn at the faucet, more water is being produced to refill the holding tank.

Several options are for installation locations and additional feed lines. Designer faucet styles are available to match your existing kitchen design.

Installaion is under the kitchen sink with hook up options to ice makers and chillers.

The benefits of RO water are lifestyle changing.
Not only do you no longer have to buy bottled water, RO water can be used around the house. Often people who purchase bottle water forget about their ice makers. The same tap water they are concerned about is used to make their ice. Our RO system can be hooked up to you rrefrigerator and ice maker too. RO filtered ice cubes will be thicker and last longer.

Cleaning with RO water is not only greener but easier. Use RO water on glasses and windows to limit streaks and stains left from minerals dissolved in the water. Reduce the spots and use RO water when polishing silverware or counter tops. RO water with vinegar is a greener window cleaning solution. RO water is often used as a final rise at the automatic car wash. Have the same cleaning power in your home.

Environmental benefits make RO Water greener product
. With a higher quality of water then bottled water from your own tap, your reliance on disposable plastics will decrease. You can limit your environmental footprint by reusing and refilling a portable drinking water container filled with RO water. Not only will you save from buying bottled water, but you will reduce the demand for transporting the product from various shipping locations. Using your local water source is thinking global and using renewable resources.

Cooking with RO water makes a difference in tastes.
Because RO water has a low TDS level, soups and cooked vegetables hold their flavor,color and nutrients. Coffee and tea will be stronger so you can use less in making them. RO water will do a better job at cleaning off foods. Fruits, meats, and vegetables should be washed in high quality water. Contaminates like pesticides and herbicides will wash off more effectively.

RO water is healthier water Free of contaminants and concerns for drinking, RO water is a purer form of water. Studies show that drinking more water reduces risk for disease, improves immune systems, repairs muscles and improves brain power. Water can even reduce pain. It aids in digestion, regulates body temperature and increases energy levels. RO water is also safer than bottled water due to recent concerns about plastics leaching into bottled water over time. This leaching is a major health concern or maybe lead to some forms of cancer. Reduce these potential issues with a purer water source.

Don’t forget the pets! When there’s contiaminets in your water, pets are the first in the family to start showing signs of illness. Keep them healthy and refill their dog and cat bowls with RO water. Aquarium fish tanks use RO water. Some exotic tropical fish require RO filtered water. House plants do better, and fertilizers dissolve faster. Cut flowers will also last longer because filtered water is absorbed better.

Using RO water can Reduce Costs On average, RO water can be up to 500 times cheaper than bottled water. The chore of picking up packaged water is eliminated. You can still have good quality water with portability within safe reusable containers. With servicing from Sterling, your RO will cost you less than $12 a month for an endless supply of drinking water. Our systems can produce up to 70 gallons a day under best water conditions.You will also reduce the amount of coffee needed in your filter by up to a third, because coffees will brew stronger in RO water. Cooking and cleaning benefits will also save you hassles.

Servicing RO Filters. Our units have 3 Pre-filters and 1 Post filter that protect the membrane by removing the larger particle size sediments. These filters will need exchanged from every 6-18 months (depending on the quality of your home’s water). Sterling Quality Water offers filter exchange services, and we will test the water and monitor your system to ensure its working at its pea
k operation.

Whole House (Unit) RO Filtration. A common problem that is occurring in our area is the presence of high sodium in ground water due to road salt intrusion. Road salts used in de-icing have saturated the ground in some areas, and it is showing up in our wells. This water has high TDS levels that can cause galvanic action (aggressive corrosion). High sodium levels eat at stainless steel sinks, fixtures and even rust silverware. In these cases removal, of the salt intrusion is needed for the entire home. These systems are rated for light commercial use and are available from Sterling Quality Water if needed.


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